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About Students Digital Learning System

India faces an acute shortage of nurses with an estimated deficit of 2 million. In the public sector alone, an additional 140,000 nurses are required. As in many other countries, nursing is now seen as a potentially lucrative career choice, a stepping stone to work overseas and towards greater social mobility for the entire family. This has led to an influx of men into the profession and to a positive change in the social status of nurses.

Due to the increasing demand for nurses nationally and internationally, India has witnessed a dramatic proliferation of nursing education institutions in recent years, although there is still an overall shortage. Over 88% of nursing education is now delivered in the private sector.Nursing today demands a high level of knowledge and skill to meet the requirement of the healthcare industry. Basic nursing education programs strive to provide learning experiences that will equip the nursing student to successfully complete the course and to be a competent nurse on completion of the nursing programs.

The need to bridge the generationgapbetweeneducators and learners is critical to ensure the quality of education in nursing. The use of technology has created many opportunities to develop new teaching strategies in nursing.Digital learning technologies can enable students; to grasp concepts more quickly, to connect theory and application more adeptly, and to engage in learning more readily. Online learning resources will help the nursing students to learn the subject matter in a conducive learning environment.

Impetus Healthcare Skills: Students Digital Learning System is designed to meet the needs of nursing curriculum prescribed by Indian Nursing Council / respective State Health Universities to enhance the theoretical and skill based knowledge of the students to adopt best clinical learning and to perform well in their university examinations.Our Learning resources are developed by experienced subject matter experts to meet the educational standards. Whenever policies and guidelines changes, the new information will be updated instantly and be available on IHS Students Digital learning system.

About Impetus Healthcare Skills

Impetus Healthcare Skills Private Limited (IHS) is an education, training and research organization that focuses on strengthening the healthcare delivery system by emphasizing the importance of skilled Human Resource for Health(HRH).

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